700r4 transmission governor problems

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700r4 transmission governor problems

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700r4 transmission governor problems

View previous topic :: View next topic. My son's truck one day stopped shifting from first into second, third and overdrive. The governor gear was not stripped or broken but the piston was stuck. I replaced the malfunctioning governor with a used functional one and the transmission began to shift correctly, at least at first. The truck now is reluctant to shift into second and third but will do so at much higher RPMs than usual.

Not sure about overdrive, I'll need highway speeds to test that. I serviced the transmission, new filter screen and fluid, but it's still behaving the same. Any thoughts or ideas? Trannys are expensive so any help is much appreciated.

Back to top. You need to verify the TV cable adjustment. Thanks for the reply. Replacing the governor resolved, for a short time anyway, the shifting from first into second and third. How would the adjustment of the TV cable resolve the issue the truck is having now? The cable didn't need adjusting when the governor was first changed. You thoughts are much appreciated. The TV cable controls the shift points. After changing the transmission governor, the problem of shifting seemed to just go away, at least for a few miles.

After about 4 to 6 miles of stop and go traffic, the high RPM shifting delay problem occurred. Cable stretch in this circumstance isn't the issue, that's more of a long term circumstance. Thanks for all the input, it's very helpful. TomSawyer wrote:. Hello; The TV adjustment ia very important!

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It is also very touchy! You have to make sure it is adjusted properly!Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how!

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700r4 transmission governor problems

My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. It tries to but just winds engine up like a clutch slipping on a manual. If I punch it and hold to floor it will go through all gears.

700R4 Assembly

Well I think. It goes to fast for me to get past 3rd. I have checked cable and it is attached and not broken. Have adjusted cable per GM instructions. I have changed filter and fluid. No evidence of excessive wearing of components in pan or fluid. I worked on a Riviera that shifted like the tranny was going out and it was the TPS.

Another might be a vacuum leak with the MAP fault. It should lock in 3rd and 4th. If it's not, then you're not getting the oil pressure you need, the front pump is gone. Mine did the same thing right before it blew up. Needs some help. I do know what a Torque Converter is and what it is supposed to do but what do you mean when you say "Does your TC lockup? When your running in OD you can feel it kick in and out when you slow down or speed up and see a slight change in the RPM's.

Feels about half of what changing gears feels like did I get it right?

700r4 transmission governor problems

The R4 is not an electronic controlled transmission. MAP sensor has no control on transmission function. Where you need to look first is of course the fluid level and condition, then the TV adjustment. You said it is adjusted to GM specs.

OK thats a good starting point. Sometimes you need to tweak that adjustment a little.The transmission governor on a R4 is used to regulate the speed at which the transmission shifts into the next higher or lower gear. It accomplishes this through the use of two sets of centrifugal weights, each a different weight. The heavier weights are used for mid-range rpm and the lighter weights are for high rpm shifts.

As rpm increases, the weights rise due to centrifugal force. The higher the rpm, the more force they exert closing the fluid passages, causing the shift to be delayed until the internal fluid pressure counteracts the force of the weights and allows the transmission to shift.

Raise the driver's side of the vehicle using the floor jack. Place a jack stand under the frame and lower the vehicle onto the jack stand. Remove the bolts in the governor with the use of a socket. The governor is located on the driver's side of the transmission.

This is easy to identify since it is the only round cover. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Step 1 Raise the driver's side of the vehicle using the floor jack.

Step 2 Remove the bolts in the governor with the use of a socket. Remove the governor by pulling it out with a slight clockwise twist. Tip Different weights can be obtained to change the shift points on the transmission. This is very useful for towing or in the event of a gear change in the differential.

Items you will need Floor jack Jack stand Set of sockets. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.This is a hydraulic transmission, pre-computerized. A very common problem that happens all the time.

Even I am not immune to this problem. That being said, it has to be a valve body problem or a governor problem. The valve body is the brain of your transmission, it has a valve in it called the throttle velocity valve TV and the TV valve controls all shifting activity. We discussed the jobs and duties of a governor before in this post. Understanding this transmission was phased out in about orthis is considered an older transmission although millions of them are on the road.

Let me lay out the simplest, easiest and least expensive thing that can happen. The good news is that if the problem occurs, it does not mean it is terminal. A bad gear is not such a big deal, a stuck valve may be a big deal. Pop a gear on it and send the customer down the road, worth about 50 bucks and no guarantee, because it may happen again down the road.

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What is happening is that the output shaft bushing is getting weak and it allows enough movement of the output shaft to wear the governor gear or break it off. It will happen again. It may be a year or month, but it buys time. Make sure the transmission is maintained or serviced at the same time. The broken gear or worn gear fragments should be removed from the tranny. BTWthe governor gear is plastic. Use a new OEM factory filter and synthetic transmission fluid. What is described in the comment could be etched in stone it has been said so many times.

Before I get anymore technical, this is a problem for a transmission specialist. It should not take long to figure it out. No matter what the determination is, we have to know what the condition of the transmission is before we can render a verdict. So, here is how I would handle it if you were my customer Obviously there will be wear in the transmission, but it is up to the trained eye of a transmission mechanic to know how much is acceptable.

In regard to the comment, the R4 was not made inso this is a swap-over jobsimilar to the post I wrote on the subject. I will assume the job was done right. There is a special TV valve kit made by TransGo that specifically addresses this issue.In the hot rodding community, the transmission can sometimes become a neglected component in the driveline.

Everybody has their own idea of the perfect transmission, and in many cases they may be accurate depending on their application. I recommend using a high-capacity pan and a transmission cooler for performance-built transmissions. Think of it as cheap insurance.

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All three of these gearboxes have earned their stripes over the years, particularly the TH as the unit to rely on in a purpose-built drag car.

Even the late-model LS guys have been seen rocking the classic TH on occasion. However, nothing is perfect and everything can be improved upon. To clear the air, we sat down with three of the most respected transmission experts in the business, discussed some of the weak points of all three of these transmissions, and found out what it takes to remedy these issues.

The TH has been around since the early '60s. While Gearstar's entry Level 2 TH left will handle hp, Gearstar's Level 4 will handle even more and is rated to hp. Occasionally, the TH will hesitate on shifts, and this can be caused by a number of things, including; a vacuum line leak, a blown modulator, or the bolts on the hold-down plate not being tightened down securely.

Problems With the 700R4 Transmissions

If this is the case, then they are not properly sealing until after a minute idle warmup. On the other hand, it is possible that a TH can suffer from an early shift. The culprit is usually because the original vacuum line running from the intake manifold to the vacuum modulator may have either rusted apart or corroded, and someone replaced it with a generic rubber piece.

Doing this will also cause the clutches to burn out due to a lack of line pressure rise. Obviously, the best thing to do when the metal line needs replacing is to use the correct unit from either the dealer or an auto parts store. C Beattie pointed out that the input shaft is somewhat a weak point in the TH Beattie went on to tell us that the sprag for second gear is also less than bulletproof, and will fail above hp in the TH Have you ever heard a knock or a rattle sound coming from under your bellhousing?

It could quite possibly be a cracked flexplate. Mark brought it to our attention that the factory flexplate has tendencies of flexing hence its nameand can be responsible for developing a crack or two overtime.

As a result of the cracked flexplate, eventually this will cause the front seal to leak due to pump bushing damage and converter hub wear. Overall, the Turbo is a dependable transmission that is basic, easy to repair, and not to mention, affordable for just about anyone.

Despite the current technology of today's transmissions, the Turbo remains to be a favorite amongst enthusiasts. The TH was essentially a heavy duty version of the TH It was so good in fact, that Ferrari, Jaguar, Bentley, and even Rolls-Royce used it for a time in their vehicles.There comes a time when spinning that small-block to 3, rpm in an attempt to avoid being run over on the freeway becomes tiresome.

This quickly leads to contemplating an upgrade to an overdrive automatic. There are plenty of good reasons to choose either the R4 or the 4L60E. Both offer the benefits of an overdrive, and deciding between the two, the choice comes down electronics or no electronics.

The good news is that either way, you win. While the 3. At part throttle, this is only a minor issue since converter slippage absorbs most of the difference. The obvious advantage for the overdrive is the percent reduction in cruise RPM.

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None of this is breaking news, and both transmissions offer the same advantages. The Achilles heel for the R4 is the TV cable adjustment.

The Great Overdrive Debate: Should You Use A 700R4 Or 4L60E?

Thousands of s have died because this adjustment is incorrect. This leads to low line pressure that smokes the clutches. Be forewarned, this can happen very quickly. Next, the R4 is easier to install since it does not require anything more than the TV cable hookup, shortening the driveshaft, moving the crossmember, and adding a volt source to the transmission. You have the luxury of choosing a lockup converter, and there are kits available to lock the converter when the transmission shifts into overdrive.

This does, however, require the use of a special brake light switch. These are cheap and easy to wire into the transmission. This switch cuts power to the transmission when you step on the brake pedal, which unlocks the converter.

Another minor advantage for the R4 is that it offers an old-school speedometer cable, so upgrading an older chassis is simple. The transmission fits into most early transmission tunnels fairly well, although, there might be some minor floor pan tweaking required. This takes care of the advantages. This is the governor that commands WOT up-shift speeds. It uses weights and springs just like a mechanical advance mechanism in a distributor, but employs two sets of weights for low and high speeds.

For the record, this photo is of a governor in a TH The TV cable essentially replaced the vacuum modulator valve that was the load sensing device for the transmission.

The cable moves the throttle valve in the valvebody and increases transmission line pressure as the throttle opens.

But with aftermarket carburetors, EFI throttle bodies, and various linkage mounts, the opportunity for mistakes is rampant. There are volumes of material written on setting up the TV cable, and if you get it right, the system works great. But the difficulty comes in setting up the linkage adjustments to accomplish this task.

Diagnosing GM Transmissions

It is not easy, and when misadjusted even slightly, the price is generally a wasted set of clutches — an expensive repair. The internet is saturated with sad stories of burned up R4 transmissions whose only fault was a poorly adjusted TV cable.The R4 transmission has been in use since the early s, meaning a good market saturation for new, used and rebuilt transmissions and parts for this model. Many car problems can be mistaken for transmission problems, however, such as bad fuel filters, spark plug wires, catalytic converters, fan clutches and U-joints.

To be sure you're identifying the correct issue, first check these common problems before turning to your transmission. Common problems in the R4 include: problems caused by improper TV cable hookup, overheating and valve bore wear. At some point during installation, maintenance or driving, the geometry of TV cable linkage can become interrupted.

This causes problems with proper shifting function, and will eventually go through the gears and will not properly regulate line rise and pressure. If these cables become disconnected, your vehicle will not be able to downshift.

Because of its reputation as a reliable transmission, the R4 transmission is occasionally installed on vehicles unsuitable for its class--such as trucks over a ton or vehicles used for heavy or extensive towing--which can quickly cause the transmission to overheat.

Make sure that the transmission you're running is rated for your vehicle's weight, class and type of use to avoid potentially expensive and unnecessary repairs. If your vehicle exhibits no lock-up, or locks up immediately after second gear, then you likely have excessive pump bore to valve clearance.

This problem is caused by valve bore wear, a problem which allows oil to leak past the OEM spool and overwhelms the solenoid's exhausting capabilities. Valve bore wear may also restrict cooler flow, which can cause transmission parts to burn up. Valve Bore Wear If your vehicle exhibits no lock-up, or locks up immediately after second gear, then you likely have excessive pump bore to valve clearance.


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